How Married Internet Dating Sites Promote Their Products


“Married dating is on the rise”

Online dating sites are approaching millions in terms of membership in the cyber world. According to Martin Zwilling from, there are 90 million people that are part of the target demographic of online dating sites. Most of the users range between the ages of 19 and 45. To cater to this multitude of target users, there are many niche and niche products for these online dating sites to attract their target market better. With so many dating sites competing with each other, the owners of these dating sites have to come up with ways to stand out. The competition in the online dating market has become very tight, they even say 90% of the ones who start, fail. Each day, there are 2- 3 dating sites that are created. Most often, they won’t survive in the market because there are only a few people who sign up in their website.
One such niche is the married Internet dating sites. Nowadays, anyone can get married dating advice by visiting this and can learn all the married dating tactics, to have a married affair. These married dating sites endorses the idea of extramarital affairs and hope to attract a certain market for it. Most people may think that this is actually immoral. Even though married Internet dating sites are controversially immoral, they are legal. There are people, ranging to hundreds of thousands, who would deliberately take the risk of being in a clandestine affair.
Married Internet dating sites has also acknowledged the problems that married couples mostly experience: disconnection, fights and dissatisfaction, just to name a few. Married Internet dating sites present a way out of the couple’s unhappiness. For others, they find married Internet dating sites as a veer from the ordinary routine of dating. They want to try out something new. For people who are busy with their careers, online dating can help them find potential dates. This can be a reason why married Internet dating sites thrive.
On the other hand, there are other married Internet dating sites that are fake. These kinds of dating sites exploit their user’s money and will not bother to give the service that the users paid for. Other married Internet dating sites are actually operated by private investigators so they can report unfaithful partners. See, it’s actually a dime a dozen out there.

The Classic and Harmless Methods


“Some Promotional campaigns are fine”

There are promotional campaigns used by married Internet dating sites that are harmless.
They can make articles and put it on top of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords in an article can help propel a website to the top of the list in search engines like Google. This way, when people are still searching for a dating site to sign up with, well optimized websites land on the first pages of the Google search results.

There are also more traditional methods where they post their promotional materials in the newspaper, places it on billboards or air it on the radio or TV. Owners of dating websites can approach their local media stations and have their promotional materials aired or posted. It is usually better to start out with the local market than trying to go on a worldwide scale. This will also give users a chance to find potential partners and dates without having to travel very far if they decide to meet up. Going worldwide immediately will make users have a difficult time establishing communication with their potential partners.
The pay- per- click advertising, where advisers pay the website owner each time a visitor clicks their ads, is also an effective way for promotion of married Internet dating sites. There are two types of pay- per- click advertising. The flat rate pay- per- click advertising the advertiser and website owner agree on a fixed amount of price The bid- based pay- per- click allows advertisers to set the price on how much he/she is willing to pay for a spot. One will also have to compete with other advertisers and bid their price. An example of pay- per- click advertising is the Google Adwords, which allowed Google to gain more than 40 billion dollars in advertising revenue.
Married Internet dating sites can also post their banner ads on other similar dating sites or blog. Affiliation with other dating sites can help new dating sites garner more traffic and increase its users. As with the pay- per- click advertising, banner ads are placed on other websites where it will advertise its services. Working with other websites will increase a new dating website’s traffic and sign- up percentage. Online directories will also help with the website’s visibility by helping people find a specific service.
Lastly, online dating sites can make use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter Social networking sites usually have more users. Owners of dating sites can attract and invite users to try out their website.

Some are Unconscientiously Exploitative


“Some ways could really be destructive”

However, owners of married Internet dating sites have come up with exploitative ways just to get ahead of their competitors.
One such case of this kind of promotion of married Internet dating sites is done by An online dating site that caters to extramarital affairs, has pounced on affair issues of prominent figures as part of their marketing campaign. They have already benefitted from South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s public affair. Billboards all over the city have Mark Sanford’s face with the words “next time use” and below it “ to find your running mate”.
Ashley Madison rode on in another affair, this time with London mayor Boris Johnson. His face is also plastered on billboards along with their tagline “Affairs now guaranteed! No matter what you like”.
King Juan Carlos of Spain’s wife, Queen Sofia took legal action and demanded a public apology from Ashley Madison after the website used her image as part of its marketing campaign. The material had an image of the queen with the young man with the words “you no longer have to spend the nights alone” in Spanish. The queen cried that the image “damages her honor and dignity”.

The Real Deal for Ashley Madison


“Ashley Madison has gained immense popularity”

Married Internet dating sites like Ashley Madison may think that it is alright to use the public extramarital affairs of popular figures. They have the mentality that since everyone already knows about it, it’s fine to toy with it. Ashley Madison is willing to go head on regarding legal actions. Ashley Madison’s spokesperson Helene Antier believed that the dating site is free to use images of people they have in their promotional materials. The person concerned may not have even used such married Internet dating site.
Ashley Madison alone has over 16 million users worldwide. It has been operating for more than 8 years. It has eventually raked in millions of revenues from their users. Their success in garnering users and operating for so long fuels their need in continuing to cater for their market. Sites like Ashley Madison have to attract thousands of users to keep their business growing. When no one logs in a dating website, money ceases to flow to their gain.
For Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman, in an article from the, affair websites “can be a cathartic outlet which allows the person to become a better wife, husband, parent or boss. Sometimes being unfaithful can act as a litmus test to see whether it’s worth preserving the relationship.”
Advertising is certainly an important key to help lift products and get them to their market. However, there are just some methods that have gone too far. Most of these methods that are employed by owners and companies of dating sites did not seek the permission of the people they used in their marketing campaign. An extramarital affair is already bad enough; advertisers just had to go to a whole new level of exploitation just to get ahead of the competition.

Suspect Your Partner Of Cheating Online? How to Catch Them in the Act

“Catch them red handed”

“Catch them red handed”

Most people use online dating sites to cheat and believe it or not, it isn’t hard for the partner to figure it out. Have you ever suspected your partner of cheating online? If so, you are not alone! Don’t dismay because there are plenty of ways that you can catch your partner in the act. People who cheat like to keep their indiscretions a secret, but you want to know what your partner is doing behind your back. Read on to find out how you can find out about your partner’s online cheating.

The Computer’s History Can Become a Red Flag

“Check for computer’s browsing history”

“Check for computer’s browsing history”

Right after your partner gets off the computer, check the browser’s history. Most people who are cheating will undoubtedly clear the computer’s history to ensure you don’t know which websites they have visited. If you find that after your partner uses the computer the browser history is wiped clean, this can be a red flag that he or she is hiding something. Keep in mind that a blank history may not always be a solid indicator of an online fling. Some websites require you to wipe the browser’s history clean. However, if this seems to be an ongoing norm, keep a watchful eye.

A Recent Password Change Can Be a Sign

“Check if the password has been changed recently”

“Check if the password has been changed recently”

If you and your partner know all of each other’s passwords and rarely keep secrets, this tip is for you. If your partner has mysteriously changed all of his or her passwords on websites you often visited together, it can be a sign of an online fling. An online fling is an ongoing process and rarely something that ends overnight. Keep in mind that if your partner decides to change passwords, it is a red flag that he or she has something to hide. In some cases, it could be a sign of illegal activity, but in most situations an indiscretion is taking place.

Take a Long Look at the Phone Bill

Each month, you generally know how much your partner spends talking on the phone. If your phone bill spirals out of control or there are strange calls placed in an unknown location, it can be a red flag that he or she is cheating. Cyber partners will often communicate through phone calls and text messages as they often can’t meet in person. Pay attention to any patterns that seem to be out of place. This is a bit harder when you pay a flat rate each month for your phone bill. Since texting has become more popular in recent years, look at the amount of texts sent each month.

There are times when extreme measures have to be taken. Consider taking your partner’s phone and checking the log for text messages and phone calls made. Make note of any names you don’t recognize. In some cases, this can prove to be a red flag. However, be careful as to how you confront your partner.

Bank Statements and Credit Cards

Those who use dating sites to cheat on their partner will undoubtedly leave a trail. Online affairs in almost all cases take place through dating sites. Keep in mind that dating sites often charge a monthly membership fee. This is the moment when you need to check credit card and bank statements. If you see any questionable charges, call the company and ask. If a website or company name is listed, perform an online search to find out what services the company provides. It is important that you have solid information in your hands before confronting your partner.

Only confront your partner if you are near one hundred percent certain that he or she is cheating. It can be easy to mistake an extra charge on a statement as something more than it really is. That’s why it is important for you to speak to the company that made the charges. In very rare cases, your partner’s credit card may have been stolen and used to purchase services he or she did not order.

Move the Computer to a Visible Location


“Check if the system is easily visible to you from a distance”

“Check if the system is easily visible to you from a distance”

Cyber relationships can only happen if you aren’t right behind your partner looking over his or her shoulder. If your computer is currently in a private location where it is easy for your partner to hide, move the computer. You should place the computer in a way that the screen can easily be viewed from afar. Decide a location such as the kitchen counter or a desk in the living room. A high traffic area is what you should be seeking out.

Pretend to Be Someone Else

“Send a request online, pretending to be someone else”

“Send a request online, pretending to be someone else”

Try to catch your partner through email. Create a fake email account and come up with an alias. Pretend that you are single and looking for a relationship. If your partner writes back and bluntly neglects letting you know that he or she is already with someone, it is a sign of a cheating partner. This may not always be foolproof as your partner may not have actually received the email or may not respond at all.

Ensure that you are using a different computer than the one located in your home. It can be easy enough to make a mistake for your partner to find. You need to pretend that you are a completely different person with a different computer. Go over to a friend’s house or use the local library if you don’t have an extra computer you could use.

Find out How Your Partner Interacts on Social Media

In recent years, social media has become the heart of online communication. If you are ever wondering how your partner carries himself or herself online, check his or her Facebook profile. Read comments and look at photos publicly posted. The way he or she responds to messages from the opposite sex can really help you determine whether or not you should be worried about online flings. Most people don’t use dating sites to cheat anymore. Social media is even more effective and free.

Just Outright Ask Your Partner

Believe it or not, most people who fool around online using dating sites to cheat will usually admit to their indiscretions when asked. It may come as a shock to you that your partner is open, but that’s a good sign. It means that he or she is willing to discuss problems in your relationship openly. It is much easier to deal with a partner who is willing to work towards a brighter future than a partner that refuses to admit that he or she has done wrong. For some people visiting cheater sites has become a habit. At first, they started to browse cheater sites to search for the best sites for cheating. What’s amazing is, these people are happily married but cheating sites have become a mundane part of their life. They browse these sites just for fun sometimes. It is very hard to confront this kind of habit of your spouse, so make sure that you are choosing the right time to confront your partner and not just throw accusations.

Catching someone in the act of cheating is not hard, especially when you know what types of behavior to look for. It is a process that can cause discomfort for both parties, but it is much more important to know what you’re up against. If someone is cheating on you, you need to know before it spirals out of control. In some cases, your partner may even admit to cheating. It isn’t something that necessarily gives you peace of mind, but it helps you figure out where to go from your current position. Don’t stay in the dark; use what you have learned to find out about your partner’s indiscretion.

Education: How Technology Is Changing Education

Technology is primarily designed to serve as a tool to make human life easier. And recent technological advancements have proved its worth especially in terms of educational progress. Let us examine how technology is changing education nowadays.

  • Technology has changed the art of teaching. – From the old fashioned style of teaching using a blackboard and a chalk, comes the new generation way of teaching with the use of technology. The existence of laptop computers, LCD overhead projectors, microphones and speakers has made teaching easier and brought it to an all new different level. Teachers no longer have to keep writing over and over the same words as they move from one classroom to another. The use of Powerpoint has become a teacher’s best friend in making class lessons. Also, in huge classes, the teacher often has to shout at the top of her lungs just so the students at the back of the room can hear her. Now with the aid of microphones and speakers, the only problem a teacher can have is when a student is intently not listening. With the use of computers, showing accurate diagrams and images to the class has also been made easy. No more late night drawings and sketching for teachers.

    how technology has changed

    how technology has changed

  • Technology has made education more accessible for more people. – Though many people all over the world have the desire to study, it is very unfortunate that quite many of them are unable to go to school due to a number of factors. One is because of distance, another is because of work or business while another is because they have to stay at home and take care of the kids or siblings. Thanks to whoever started online schooling, studying doesn’t have to be done at school alone. You can now enroll and take classes to almost all degrees and courses at the convenience of your home. You can now arrange classes on your most convenient time. Even when you are on business travel often, there wouldn’t be any problems in getting your college degree.

  • Technology has made learning more fun and exciting. – For children,facing a bookcan be a very boring task. Teaching them how to read, spell, compute and analyze can be a difficult task for adults. But with today’s children-friendly educational applications and software, learning has never been more fun. Children can learn and enjoy at the same time.

  • Technology has made research easier and less costly. – Traditional college research papers often include buying different books or going to the library often to get information and data. However, with the help of the internet, gathering data and information has been easier. It grants you access to various encyclopedia and dictionaries minus the hassle of flapping through pages just to look for a specific topic or word.

Make Learning More Fun

Make Learning More Fun

Technology has rightfully served mankind in the educational field. But man must never forget that they are only tools, they help us in learning but they can never do the learning for us. Wise use of technology gives man the greatest benefit and opportunity.

First Impression: 3 Tips for making a great first impression

It takes just about three seconds for some to completely evaluate you the first time you meet them. In such a short time the other person will be in a position to give an opinion on you based by your demeanor, mannerism, appearance, body language and the manner in which you are dressed.

Each and every time you meet with someone, they evaluate you instantly and a new impression about you is formed. The first encounter is very important because it cements itself in the mind and will be difficult if not important to reverse.

Whether you are at work or in your social life, making a good first impression is very important. This article will discuss some tips on how you can make this happen.

Be on Time 

Being on time is very important, especially if its your first meeting you certainly can’t be giving excuses for being late. Arrive early and make some provisions for delay in traffic, wrong turns and so on. Arriving too early is way better than arriving even 5 minutes late. This is the first step to making a good first impression.

Make a great first impression!

Make a great first impression!

Be Composed, and Be yourself

If you are nervous and uncomfortable, this may also make the other person feel the same and this is definitely the best way of creating a wrong impression. On the other hand if you are calm, composed and collected, the same energy will be relayed to the other person which will in turn work towards giving you a good first impression.

Present yourself Appropriately

Your physical appearance really matters. The person you’ll be meeting doesn’t know what and how you look like. They’ll normally create a picture of you in their mind based on the way to you speak or present yourself over the phone.

With this being the case, it also doesn’t mean you’ve got to look like a movie star to make a good first impression (unless of course you are auditioning for a movie). The key to making a good first impressing is the ability to present yourself appropriately.

The key to a good impression is to present yourself appropriately

The key to a good impression is to present yourself appropriately

The saying that goes, “ a picture says a thousand words” is actually true in this sense. The way you look when meeting someone will say a lot about you making a first impression. Your appearance has to say everything before you even say a word.

It all starts with the way you dress. Think of the most appropriate dress you can find when meeting someone or attending an occasion. If you’ll be attending a seminar, conference or business meeting, think of the most appropriate attire. Think again of what the person you’re meeting will most likely be wearing then make it count.

Apple: What’s next for the technology giant?

Ever since Apple was conglomerated into a company, it has remained in the top stories of newspapers and magazines. Apple is the much desired brand for every technology lover, owing to its higher features and making. The last major breakthrough into the technology market was the launch of Apple iPad 4, a tablet which had all the features of a superb, convenient and portable network communication mode.

The best thing about Apple is it comes with a neat design, is really easy to operate and all of the Apple products are actually thin and sleek. The recent complaint from Apple’s taking Samsung to court alleging Samsung to have copied the features of Apple iPad 4 into its Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Apple has claimed $2.5 compensation from Samsung where the jury began investigating on the complaints from July 2012. The case was to run for a month with the jury coming to a decision which is still running, unfortunately.

Both Samsung and Apple have brought very advanced and feature rich tablets- Apple its iPad 4 and Samsung its 10.1 Galaxy. The reputation of both Apple and Samsung is monumental, each in their respective areas. However, in tablet, the features are quite identical in both the cases and really confusing for the jury to decide who could be the imposter. This situation has, however, not stopped any of the technology giants from producing better and newer technology devices.

US technology giant Apple is

US technology giant Apple is

Apple is already making it in the headlines of the news with its launch of Apple iPhone 5, a very thin and extra light mobile with really mesmerizing features. The Apple engineers have accomplished the design of thinnest display ever made. The engineers have succeeded in creating the retina display with integrated touch technology. The best thing about the iPhone 5 is its pixels do a dual duty of acting the touch sensing electrodes as well as displaying the image simultaneously. This iPhone gives the user more clarity owing to the one layer less between the user and the user’s visibility.

Great technological features with sleek make and look are an inherent part of Apple’s designing any new gadget. Apple is actually a convenient technology for the elite section of the society, its products always costing a marginal higher compared to its competitors. Hence, affording any technology from Apple is not quite a chance always. However, the unique features and the extreme user-friendly applications make the brand a much sought after by one and all. Any techno-savvy individual loves and takes special interest in finding what newer items Apple launches in the market. A touch of class, Apple is actually a brand that is the match of intellect, look, qualities and class.

He will launch Apple's new Mac

He will launch Apple’s new Mac

What life lessons you can learn from Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is a very popular actor. He is not only known for his amazingly good looks, but also the characters that he has played on the big screen. However, behind the success of Butler lies tremendous amount of hard-work. The one thing that people can certainly learn from Butler is to embrace the ‘never say die’ attitude.

Gerard did not have a very good beginning to his acting career. In fact, he started extremely late. Gerard spent most of his childhood in Scotland. His mother had separated from his father when Gerard was only 18 months old. He eventually met his father after a period of 16 years. That was an extremely emotional moment for him. The bonding between the two started building up a lot. Unfortunately, Gerard lost his father a few years later.

At 25, Gerard was an individual who did not have any real aim in life. He had taken up to drinking and had already been declared as an alcoholic. He was no longer considered a lawyer. Hence, technically, he was unemployed at 25. The only thing that he had in mind was to become famous one day. This was the dream that led him to London. He arrived in the city with a hope that he would make it big in the acting arena.

Gerard Butler says he needed

Gerard Butler says he needed


In London too, Gerard did a number of odd jobs in order to survive financially. He worked as a telemarketing executive and also as a waiter for a brief amount of period. Finally, luck showered upon him at the age of 27. For an actor, this age is probably not right for beginning. Usually, in order to become a huge name in the industry, actors have to start at a younger age.

Today, Gerard Butler is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has given massive hits like 300, P.S.I love you, The Ugly Truth, Bounty Hunter, RockNRolla etc. He has certainly ensured that all the years of his struggle did not go waste. He is probably the most famous actors from Scottish origin till date. The one thing that you can learn from his experience is opportunities can knock at any moment in life. However, the important thing is to keep trying, irrespective of your age.

Bad memories: Gerard Butler

Bad memories: Gerard Butler


Another thing that amazes about Gerard Butler is he completely gave up on drinking. This is one of the most difficult things to do, especially for an individual who has been declared as an alcoholic. Interestingly, he did so on his very own will without any kind of external help. There is certainly a lot to learn from this Hollywood hunk.


3 mental exercises you should do each day

Being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit. In a day we might come across many situations that needs to be dealt mentally in such scenario being of sound mind would be the only possible way to make smart and sensible decisions. Many of us tend to neglect our mental capability. We underestimate our ability and tend to depend on others wisdom and knowledge to solve the issues of our life. Today we shall learn 3 mental exercises you should do each day to broaden your thought perspective and help you take wise decisions and stay happy.

Think positive: This is the first and most important mental exercise. You would have heard about the law of attraction which clearly states that whatever happens in your life happens in accordance to your thoughts and words. So think positive and attract positive. Whenever you are in any situation try to look into the positive aspect of it. There might be situations where it might seem like you are in the lap of darkness, even in such case do not give into the temptation. Rather emerge as a winner by being positive.

It's my thinking and mental

It’s my thinking and mental


Refuse negative: Secondly refuse to accept anything negative. Reject all kinds of evil and negative thoughts that enter your mind. There is a common Japanese belief that, “if you plant a tree in your heart the birds will surely come and build its nest on it, likewise if you plant the tree of optimism in your heart and mind the birds will surely come and create its nests of joy on it”
Embracing optimism and rejecting pessimism is the only secret to leading a happy and peaceful life.

Talk to yourself: Have you ever realized that when you are mounted with any problem you would first try to sort it out in your mind. This is nothing but talking to yourself. So make it a point that you talk to yourself and encourage yourself every day. Understand that you are your best friend and no one knows you any better than yourself. So you are the best person to motivate yourself. Be a self motivator.

our negative feelings.

our negative feelings.


There are many such exercises that one could do to stay fit mentally. As rightly said by Robin Sharma, Mind is like a garden, to keep this garden green and beautiful you need to prune the plants and water it regularly, you can’t throw all kind of garbage and still expect it to be nice and beautiful, in the same way you need to take care of your mind. Prune and nourish it positive thoughts. If you throw all your life’s trash in it then you can’t expect it to be peaceful and joyous.

At the end of the day it depends on the individual to focus on positivity and reject negativity.